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Press Release April 18, 2024

II General Assembly of the European project SMARTeeSTORY to check the progress, explain the work done, define goals and determine future actions.

Cuerva welcomes partners in the Chamber of Commerce of Granada as the coordinator of the Spanish demo-site.

Granada. 04/04/2024. The 13 partners of the European project SMARTeeSTORY– among which Cuerva is included – have met from 3 to 4 April in the Chamber of Commerce of Granada to share the latest advances, progress and solutions to different challenges faced in the road to improve energetic efficiency in historical buildings.

They were two days in which an exhaustive revision of the current state of the project and its advances was done in order to define the goals and tasks for the next six months. Similarly, deviations and needed corrective actions were also evaluated. The emphasis was put in the importance of the next steps in the implementation of innovative solutions in demonstrators. This includes the emblematic building Real Chancillería de Granada, which partners were able to visit during their technical visit to the demo-site.

“It is a unique example because it is a historical and significant building that serves as practical offices for a crucial department of the organization that holds administrative importance. Thus, it is a complex building and we have to be responsible about how we adapt and use it”, states Ignacio Cuerva, CEO of Cuerva.

The Real Chancillería, an historical building from the 16th century, stands out as the oldest of the three European demonstrators within the project. Under the management of Cuerva, leader of the Spanish demonstrator, the aim is not only to reduce energy consumption and emissions, but also preserve the historical and aesthetic value of this architectural gem, underlining the commitment with preserving its historical integrity through careful improvements in its energetic efficiency.

The application of innovative technologies, such as intelligent sensors and power management systems, will optimize the use of resources and improve user comfort, a mark in the development of energy efficiency systems in historical buildings. This approach represents a significant step towards energy conservation and user experience, making this project and its pioneers in the forefront of innovation.

In the same sense, Natalia Márquez, Manager of the Andalusian Energy Agency, an entity ascribed to the Andalusian Industry, Energy and Mines Office which is also a part of this project, stated “the design of systems that improve the energy efficiency of historical buildings is a topic with great importance for Andalusia, as the building sector is a great consumer of energy. Plus, when talking about historical buildings, Andalusia is one of the European regions with an abundant and rich building patrimony, but also with a large margin for energy improvement. In that respect, according to the available data in the Andalusian Regional Government, there are approximately 21.000 public buildings listed in Andalusia that could potentially be energetically rehabilitated”.

Afterwards, in the same inauguration ceremony, Carmen Navarro, General Manager of Planning, Modernization and Funding Management in the Andalusian Justice, Local Administration and Public Function Office, wanted to highlight and showcase the historical and representative component that is the inclusion of the Real Chancillería building in the project and the relevance of European projects in the creation and transfer of knowledge that make possible such innovative projects as SMARTeeSTORY. 

To conclude the introductory speech in the welcoming ceremony, Ignacio Cuerva wanted to dedicate some words to the consortium partners for their assistance to the formal meeting and visit to Granada. “We want to thank RINA – project coordinators – for trusting us to welcome all the partners in our city. Celebrating this meeting is very important for us. Innovation in Cuerva is centred in energetic transition, aligning with governmental messages to warrantee that no one is left behind in this transition. This principle should also be applied to all buildings and facilities that want to be part of this transition. It is crucial to be aware of the challenges and focus on technology, digitalization and practical thinking to make this transition possible“.

Cuerva’s role

The participation of Cuerva is crucial to lead the way to a more sustainable and clean future, showing that it is possible to preserve the historical richness of our buildings while adopting advanced energetic solutions.

Not only does this project improve energetic efficiency in buildings with a large historical, architectonic and cultural value, but also establishes an important precedent for future initiatives in the field of energy conservation and comfort of historical structures, ensuring a durable legacy for future generations.

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