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For more than 80 years, we have been committed to innovation and seeking new and better ways of approaching and working with energy.

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ISO 14000:2015

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We founded a workshop specialized in mechanical and electrical repair work and high and low voltage installations.


We started the energy distribution business, building networks to supply electricity to isolated populations of Granada province.


We started up the Bermejales hydroelectric power plant and acquired the Alpujarreña power plant. Moreover we founded Luz del Temple electricity distributor.


We founded Distribuidora Eléctrica Bermejales, absorbing the electrical distributors of Luz del Temple and Alpujarreña.


After a few years of closure, we reopened Bermejales power plant together with a power expansion.


We started up La Vega hydroelectric power plant.


We put into operation the Arquillos and Cubillas power plants in Jaén and Granada, respectively.


We acquired Hidroeléctrica San Buenaventura distribution company, supplying electricity to the municipalities of Alcudia de Gaudíx and Exfiliana.


We acquired Distribuidora Eléctrica Guadalfeo, supplying electricity to the Alpujarra region.


We acquired Eléctrica San Gregorio distribution company, supplying the Calahorra municipality, in Granada.

We also founded Grupo Cuerva Panamá, our first international subsidiary.


We develop and sell 15 MW of solar PV. In addition, we built the Escúzar substation to improve the electricity supply in the area.


CHC Energía is founded alongside with our energy retail business activity.


Grupo Cuerva is established as a company.


We built Gabia Escúzar overhead power line.


We founded Grupo Cuerva Peru, our second international subsidiary.


Connection of the San Lorenzo Hydroelectric Power Plant to the Panama system.


We built the Escúzar-Lachar overhead power line.


We started the development of the hydroelectric plants in Peru .


We started the Turning Tables laboratory, dedicated to innovation. At the same time that we start up the Alba de Tormes wind farm (with 4.5MW).


We developed the Living Lab of the distribution network, with different collaborators.


We start up the MAMUT wind farm (2.4MW), and we develop new business models aimed at selling energy: energy communities, PPAs, Peer 2 peer, virtual communities.


We connect to Red Eléctrica de España through the new substation in Íllora 220/132 KV 1x160 MVA.


We focused on electric mobility, EMS and VPP. We invest in distribution networks and build new substations, connections and power plant expansions.


Landmark projects


In early 2020 we commissioned the MAMUT wind farm, located in the municipality of Padúl (Granada). It consists of a single 2.4MW machine standing 90m, with a rotor diameter of 121m and a blade length of 59.5m

Landmark projects

Granada Conference Center

We joint Granada Conference Center with the aim of creating a 'zero emissions' building, with sustainable development, affordable and non-polluting energy and actions for the climate. As a result: savings in lighting consumption up to 70% and annual savings of 286 MWh per year.

Landmark project

Hospital Vithas Xanit Internacional

We were part of the expansion of services and the new reorganization of the Xanit Hospital spaces, increasing the power and backup supplies of the building, and ensuring a supply and energy savings of the entire building's lighting system.

Landmark projects

Substation with Red Eléctrica de España

We have redoubled our commitment to connecting with our towns, making possible the integration of the Escúzar and Íllora substation by Red Eléctrica, in order to guarantee the growth in demand and improve the quality of supply.

Landmark projects

Cuerva Living Lab

Our Cuerva Living Lab is an innovation lab focused on the search for opportunities in the Energy sector. We focus on the construction, validation and scaling of disruptive and exponential ideas, technologies, and business models.
This is an open and collaborative innovation ecosystem where users experiment and test new ideas, products, and services.

Landmark projects


Thanks to our extensive experience in the sector, we carried out the complete digitalization of a distributor of Inpecuarias Pozoblanco.

As part of the work performed, we conducted an extensive audit of the current state of the distribution network and proposed improvements and new smart equipment to be deployed to turn the network into a true Smart Grid.
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