Innovation focused on people's current and future needs.

Innovation is an essential part of the transformation we are leading, and we view it as something integrated in a useful way into people's lives.

Research and Development European projects
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almacenamiento de energía
Research and Development2 min
edificio histórico
Research and Development3 min
Data intelligence
Research and Development3 min
efficient energy management in buildings
Research and Development3 min
Research and Development Spanish projects
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solar panels on the roof of a building
Research and Development3 min
image representing an atom
Research and Development4 min
Energia 4.0 linea de apoyo red eléctrica
Research and Development3 min
DT4Flex - Digital Twin of the Low Voltage network Phase II
Research and Development2 min

Innovation at Cuerva works in three possible horizons:

Continuous improvement and incremental innovation to improve the performance of current operations.

Discovery of new market opportunities oriented to the core of the company.

Radical innovation where to explore non-existent models.

Internal Innovation projects
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energy picture red flashlights
Research and Development4 min

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