Innovation focused on people's current and future needs.

Innovation is an essential part of the transformation we are leading, and we view it as something integrated in a useful way into people's lives.

Research and Development European projects
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blockchain representation image
Research and Development2 min
I-STENTORE: innovative energy storage technologies
Research and Development2 min
Research and Development2 min
Research and Development4 min
Research and Development Spanish projects
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solar panels on the roof of a building
Research and Development2 min
image representing an atom
Research and Development4 min
Energia 4.0 linea de apoyo red eléctrica
Research and Development3 min
DT4Flex - Digital Twin of the Low Voltage network Phase II
Research and Development2 min

Innovation at Cuerva works in three possible horizons:

Continuous improvement and incremental innovation to improve the performance of current operations.

Discovery of new market opportunities oriented to the core of the company.

Radical innovation where to explore non-existent models.

Innovation projects

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