Sharing, connecting and helping to improve the energy sector

We promote and participate in a network of organizations, including suppliers, distributors, competitors and government agencies, in order to achieve a positive energy transformation based on collaboration.

  • 80years
  • 24countries
  • 125alliances
  • 830kilometres
  • 99MKWh distributed

Collaborating entities

Software development and professional training programs.

Asociación de Distribuidores de Energía Eléctrica formada por 190 compañías.

Association of Electric Power Distributors, comprised of 190 companies.

Maintenance energy for electricity and natural gas supply.

Laboratory that conducts scientific energy research.

German renewable energy company.

Renewable energy integration accelerator.

Development and application of technology for sustainable energy.

Austrian supplier of hydroelectric power.

Research center that improves processes, systems and products in companies.

Research applied to renewable energies and information technology.

Digitalization accelerators in the industrial sector.

Third-largest university in Spain, with more than 500 years of history.

University founded in 1972, with 40,000 students.

Electricity retailer that supplies energy, with a focus on engaging customers.

Innovative technological services and solutions.

A company that improves energy use through data

R&D&I projects to generate impact through technology.

A leader for the quality of its teaching and research since 1531.

Specialists in the design of custom energy communities, thanks to clean, collaborative and more accessible energy.

Open energy to transform the world


We deliver for our clients, respecting our pacts and agreements. We reject dishonest business practices. We seek profits, but not at any price.


We work with excellence infusing our attitude, carrying out projects and working in urgent situations with the utmost professionalism and safety.


We are demanding as regards the sustainable development of our processes, maintaining a clear respect for clean energy and the environment.


We accept changes and unforeseen events as new opportunities to tackle changes and be flexible, positive and adaptive.


We accept mistakes and work with concerns and communication. We project individual proactivity and formative careers.


We are driven by equality, empathy and respect for people.


We believe in commitment, both inside Cuerva and outside, working with a dedicated, high-performance team.


We have much more to do as we explore the future, generating value for our customers and ourselves.

If you’re looking for a way to generate synergies, join this ecosystem, share your vision, and learn about the advantages of working in alliances.

Be part of the transformation

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