Electrical power distribution

Since 1954, we have been working to bring renewable energy to every corner to promote the progress of society.

  • 282,9KMWh circulating
  • 102,5KMWh consumed/year
  • 212,2KMWh generated

Our distribution business

Electricity for more than 28,000 people.
Rural areas. El Temple, La Vega, La Costa-Contraviesa.

Electricity for more than 7,000 people.
Rural area. The Alpujarra of Granada.

Electricity for more than 2,000 people.
Urban area. Zalabi Valley Municipality.

Electricity for over 600 people.
Urban area. Municipality of La Calahorra.

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Key Data

Low voltage

488,4 Km of lines


Medium voltage

368,6 Km of lines


High voltage

33,4 Km of lines


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Where we are

El Temple

Community located in the southwest of the province of Granada, bordering the Vega of Granada, Lecrin Valley and the Tierra de Alhama. It is made up of 7 municipalities of less than 2,000 inhabitants each.

Where we are

Alpujarra Granadina

Community located in the southeastern part of the province of Granada, south of Sierra Nevada and consists of 25 municipalities. It borders the regions of Guadix, Vega of Granada, Lecrin Valley and the Granada Coast, as well as bordering with some regions of Almería.

Where we are

Vega of Granada

Region located in the central part of the province of Granada and made up of by more than 40 municipalities. It has a very characteristic landscape due to its different tributaries, forests and archaeological remains.

Where we are

La Costa-Contraviesa

From the mountains of the Alpujarra we find the Sierra de la Contraviesa, a range of mountains parallel to Sierra Nevada that starts at the foot of the Cerrajón de Murtas hill and ends at the beginning of Sierra de Lújar.

Where we are

La Calahorra, Alcudia and Exfiliana

In the region of Guadix, Granada, we are present in the municipalities of Calahorra, Alcudia and Exfiliana.

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Churriana de la Vega - Granada.

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