Industrial and Building Services

We have extensive experience in design, construction, conservation and optimization of electrical and energy infrastructures and at the same time we achieve improvements in consumption. We undertake large projects in numerous sectors in a comprehensive manner.

Completed project | Photovoltaic Self-consumption

Costa Tropical Water and Services

In order to be energetically self-sufficient, we installed 7 photovoltaic plants and 5 electric vehicle chargers.

With 1.733 solar panels of 545 Wp, the complete installation reaches a power of 1 MWp. This will allow them to produce 1.5 GWh of green energy per year avoiding the discharge of 689 tons of CO2.

Completed project | Photovoltaic Self-consumption and Telecommunications, voice and data

Caja Granada

We built a PV plant for self-consumption without surpluses with a power of 230 kW on the roof of the Cultural Center, consisting of 495 solar modules of 495 Wp.

Also, we installed the voice/data and audio-visual network in the building of the Museo Memoria de Andalucía (Memory Museum of Andalusia).

Completed project | Photovoltaic Self-consumption

Herogra Fertilizantes S.A.

We realised a self-consumption photovoltaic installation without surplus of 1 MW of power on the company's premises, consisting of 2,210 solar modules of 455 Wp and 9 photovoltaic inverters.

This will enable them to produce 1.10 GWh of green energy per year.

In addition, we continue to advise them on how to optimise their consumption and carry out the maintenance of the plant. They have also entrusted us with the installation of their headquarters located in Zaidín.

Ongoing project |Electrical Installation and Maintenance

Hospital Vithas Xanit Internacional

We have conducted the expansion of the medium voltage installation by providing the hospital, located in Benalmádena, Spain, with a new 800 kVA transformer and a 550 kVA generator set, reaching a total power forecast of 757.5 kW. We have installed the electrical and telecommunications systems for the new operating.

Completed project | Electrical installation

LIV Student Residence Hall

We made the interior electrical installation, transformation centres for power supply and installed data and video surveillance systems in this new student residence with capacity for 470 people.

Completed project | Photovoltaic Self-consumption

Aceites Maeva

We carried out a photovoltaic installation for self-consumption made up of 1,395 modules of 450 Wp each.

This plant has an average production of 946 MWh/year, which means avoiding the discharge of 364 tons of CO2.

Completed projects | Electrical installation

UGR Fine Arts Building

After the expansion with a new module of the Fine Arts building of the University of Granada, the works we have carried out in this new building are: interior and exterior lighting, power supply for machinery in the workshops and air conditioning, pre-installation for anti-intrusion systems, air conditioning and hot water systems.

Completed project | Photovoltaic Self-consumption and Electric Mobility

ASPACE Granada

We carried out a high-efficiency photovoltaic self-consumption installation composed of 125 monocrystalline modules of 440 Wp each. The objective was an average annual saving of 53% in its energy consumption. We also provided the association with an electric vehicle charging station powered by the plant.
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Project in progress | Electrical Installation and Photovoltaic Self-consumption

AQ Park Princesa

We installed a low voltage, lighting and telecommunications network in 3 buildings with 349 homes, commercial premises, offices and 4 parking floors. In addition to 41 photovoltaic installations of 4.17 MWp.

Realised projects : Energy Community

FERMASA , Feria de muestras de Armilla

From Cuerva, in collaboration with Vergy, we have put our knowledge and specialists in the area of Industrial and Building Services, to offer a turnkey service that, we are convinced, contributes to optimise energy consumption and reduce the negative impact on Granada and the planet.

The installation, which will count on the participation and collaboration of the public and private sector to achieve a greater economic, social and environmental impact in Granada, will be carried out on its roof, and will have a total power of 577.50 kWp, being able to supply clean energy to 258 homes and small businesses.

Project in execution | Electrical Installation and Maintenance

Meliá Granada

We improved the customer experience and quality for an unforgettable stay through the installation and electrical maintenance, installation of a telecommunications, voice and data network and plans and measures focused on improving the energy efficiency of this 5-star hotel.

Completed project | Electrical installation and photovoltaic extension

Caña Nature

With the aim of achieving greater energy savings, the electrical installation and extension of the photovoltaic installation at their facilities has been carried out.

Expansion of 200kW nominal that is allowing them to self-consume 40% of the energy in solar hours, in addition to the mixed coplanar and triangular installation anchored to the sloping roof of 570 panels of 455Wp that are equivalent to a power of 259.35kWp and two three-phase inverters of 100kWn.

Completed project: Installation of Charging Points for Electric Vehicles

Parking Méndez Núñez

We continue to support the transition to electric mobility as an essential part of reducing our carbon footprint and improving the quality of the air we breathe.

Thus, we installed 9 chargers for electric vehicles in the Méndez Núñez car park. 22 KW with double sockets, capable of charging two vehicles simultaneously in an estimated time of 1 to 2 hours.

Completed project | Electrical installation and Telecommunications, voice and data

Hotel Ikos Marbella

We worked on the modernisation and expansion of this hotel complex through different services, such as: LV electrical installation to achieve better lighting and power, MV electrical installation in MV lines, Switching and Transformer Substation, Telecommunications, data, public address and video surveillance.
Costa Tropical Water and ServicesCaja GranadaHerogra Fertilizantes S.A.Hospital Vithas Xanit InternacionalLIV Student Residence HallAceites MaevaUGR Fine Arts Building ASPACE GranadaAQ Park PrincesaFERMASA , Feria de muestras de ArmillaMeliá GranadaCaña NatureParking Méndez NúñezHotel Ikos Marbella

Services provided

Electrical installations

We carry out personalized full ECP projects for electrical installations, at an industrial and building level, both in high and low voltage electrical networks, electrical substations, control systems or smart grid systems. In addition, we are specialists in control systems, implementing efficient solutions that optimize industrial processes and guarantee safe and reliable operation.

Electrical maintenance

We undertake comprehensive maintenance of all types of electrical and photovoltaic installations. We carry out comprehensive predictive, preventive, corrective maintenance plans and management of periodic reviews. Good maintenance is essential to guarantee the useful life of the equipment, improve productivity and reduce operating costs; at Cuerva, we make sure to get their maximum performance out of them.

Photovoltaic self-consumption

We manage each phase of photovoltaic installations for self-consumption for numerous industries and public institutions, from the initial study to maintenance. We do so in a personalised way to provide our customers with more sustainable and efficient energy services.

Telecommunications and voice&data

We carry out special installations of audio, video, data, communications and automation. We work on the implementation of domotic systems in homes and processes automation in industries.

Energy agreements

Weestablish long-term energy purchase agreements and contracts, based on PPA contracts, between renewable generators and final consumers. For your total peace of mind.

Electric mobility

Deployment of public and private infrastructure of recharging points for electric vehicles in strategic destination and route locations.

Energy efficiency 4.0

Through the use of algorithms and engineering, we carry out studies to detect inefficiencies and improvements in the processes. We propose improvement options to reduce consumption and optimize installations and thus achieve short-term savings.

Construction of power plants

We bring energy to the final client, offering a customized service from start to finish, without any type of initial investment and ensuring proper operation and a long useful life.

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Client typologies

Large Construction Companies

We work with the main construction companies in the country, providing services for the installation and assembly of entire projects, from the electrical and telecommunications systems to accesses, video surveillance cameras and public address systems in hotels, residential homes and shopping centres.

We already provide these services to companies like Sacyr, Dragados, Ferrovial or San José.

End client


We offer updates and modifications for industrial processes, security and telecommunications systems, logistics warehousing for large factories, photovoltaic installations and energy efficiency services, among others.

We already provide these services to companies like Puleva or Abbott.


Office expansion and renovation, considering lighting, CPD, CCTV, communications, electronic controls, circuits and energy efficiency, among others.

We already provide these services to companies like El Corte Inglés and the regional government of Andalusia (Junta de Andalucía).

Residential Buildings

We conduct low and medium voltage electrification works in residential buildings, interior electrical installation for homes/rooms, and telecommunications facilities and data networks for housing estates and university residences, among others.

We already provide these services to companies like Valeo Management or Adeas Holmes.


We offer electrification works and electrical installations along with additional services specific to this type of businesses, such as audiovisual systems, access control, CCTV, security systems, fire systems, public address systems, conference sound systems, and more.

We already provide these services to Áurea Catedral or Áurea Washington Irving.

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