Cuerva drives innovation and sustainability with its participation in Next Spain event

Rosa Fernández, Marketing Manager at Cuerva
Press Release July 2, 2024

Seville hosts leaders and experts to discuss digitalization, industry and economy in different debates during the Next Spain event.

Granada. 02/07/2024. The Next Spain forum, held on June 24 at La Galería, Seville, brought together prominent leaders and experts to address the challenges and opportunities in the areas of innovation, digitalization and sustainability. This event, organized by Vocento, is part of a series of national meetings that seek to outline “The Spain we want” through an optimistic and proactive approach towards the future of the country, focusing on exploring the challenges and opportunities of sustainable innovation in Andalusia.

Presentations and participations

The event was attended by prominent speakers who shared their knowledge and experiences on how innovation can contribute to a more sustainable society. In addition, experts presented their initiatives in circular economy and renewable energies through the debates “Optimization of processes with digitalization”, “Circular economy”, and “Industry models with zero emissions”. In the latter, different experts from the energy sector participated, such as Moisés Garrido, director of operations and business development at Cuerva; Esther Alonso, general director of energy transition and sustainability at Atlantic Copper; Antonio Fernández, territorial delegate of Iberdrola; and Francisco Velasco, director of EOI in Andalusia.

Development of the event and highlighted projects

The event was notable for its focus on sustainability and innovation as fundamental pillars for economic and social development. Among the topics addressed were technological advances, sustainable water management, decarbonization of the economy and the mobility of the future.

However, the Next Spain Forum not only focused on discussing ideas, but also provided a platform for showcasing innovative projects that are changing the industrial landscape in Spain.

One of the most outstanding projects was the GreenMotril initiative. A leading project in Europe that seeks to transform the Port of Motril into a model of energy sustainability. GreenMotril aims to create a 100% renewable energy community in the port, integrating various renewable energy technologies to decarbonize its operations and reduce dependence on conventional energy sources.

This project, coordinated by Cuerva, will demonstrate the viability of large-scale renewable solutions in port infrastructures, contributing significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions and promoting energy autonomy.

A commitment to the future

The day was a testament to Andalusia's commitment to innovation and sustainability, with participants exploring how artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies can transform key sectors and improve people's quality of life. They also discussed the policies and regulatory frameworks needed to support these advances.

The Next Spain event series will continue its tour of other cities across the country, bringing the message of innovation and sustainability to an even wider audience. This joint effort seeks not only to inspire, but also to implement concrete changes that benefit society and the environment.

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Rosa Fernández, Marketing Manager at Cuerva
Rosa joined Cuerva in August 2021 to lead and develop the brand-new Marketing department. She holds a Master's degree in International Marketing Management from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan and a degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Granada. With this multi-skilled approach, she is responsible for the strategy and development of marketing, branding, and communication actions for all Cuerva's business areas. Before joining the energy company, she has great experience in large, fast-pased multinational companies. She worked as Branding and Marketing Executive for Shell Italia in Milan and for the UK standards body, British Standards Institution, as Marketing Coordinator, for the Spanish and Italian markets, developing a wide range of global campaigns. E-mail:
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