Cuerva consolidates its collaboration with CajaGranada Fundación

Maria Helena Martin Vivaldi and Ignacio Cuerva at the signing of the sponsorship agreement.
Cuerva's Communication
Press Release October 11, 2022

The synergy between the activities of the two organisations that started in 2021 on the basis of their work to improve the living conditions of the people of Granada is stronger than ever.

Cuerva firmly and decisively supports CajaGranada Fundación’s cultural activities, social initiatives, environmental actions, educational work and other projects.

The energy-sector company Cuerva strengthens its role in support of CajaGranada Fundación and will continue to back the organisation’s social, cultural, environmental and educational initiatives through its sponsorship plan.

The partners thus maintain a synergy that started in 2021 to continue working to enhance the people of Granada’s living conditions through the lines of action in which the Foundation is engaged.

The collaboration is now officially recognised in an agreement signed at the CajaGranada Cultural Centre by the President of CajaGranada Fundación, María Elena Martín-Vivaldi, and Cuerva’s CEO Ignacio Cuerva.

María Elena Martín-Vivaldi highlighted the fact that “we are extremely proud that a group like Cuerva, with its extensive, consolidated track record in the international energy sector, has decided to help CajaGranada Fundación to achieve its goals.“

“The firm, unwavering commitment of this company to supporting our cultural activities, social initiatives, environmental actions, educational work and other projects is a clear demonstration of their commitment to the region where they originated and have grown as a company for more than eighty years,” she added.

In his statement, Ignacio Cuerva emphasised “how proud we are to be working alongside a renowned organisation like CajaGranada Fundación, not only as a small part of this cooperation effort, but also as partners working together in our commitment to find better solutions to foster the transition to sustainable energy for the people of Granada. We are convinced that the pathway to improving the energy industry and society in general involves connecting with organisations like CajaGranada Fundación to achieve positive transformation through collaboration.“

This collaboration, therefore, will enable CajaGranada Fundación to sustain and enhance its innovative initiatives while helping Cuerva to implement its corporate social responsibility strategy.

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