SYNERGY: Big Data and data analytics based on AI

Jorge Rueda, R&D Manager at Cuerva

Big Energy Data Value Creation within synergetic energy as a service applications through trusted multi-party data sharing over an AI big data analytics marketplace

DateJanuary 2020 - June 2023
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The Synergy project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 innovation and development program under grant agreement No. 872734



The transition to the smart grid era is associated with the creation of a meshed network of data contributors requiring a transformation from the traditional top-down business model, where power system optimization relied on centralized decisions based on silos of data held by stakeholders, to a more horizontal one in which optimization decisions are based on interconnected data assets and collective intelligence.

Therefore, the need for “end-to-end” coordination between stakeholders in the electricity sector, not only in terms of business, but also in information exchange, is becoming a necessity to make possible improvements in the stability and resilience of electricity grids, while meeting the individual business process optimization objectives of all stakeholders involved in the value chain.

SYNERGY introduces a pioneering, landmark Big Data architecture and platform that leverages data, primary or secondary, related to the electricity domain, from diverse sources to help electricity stakeholders simultaneously enhance their data reach and improve their internal intelligence in electricity-related optimization functions while engaging in novel data exchange/sharing models (intelligence) in order to shift individual decision-making to a collective intelligence level.

To this end, SYNERGY will develop a major energy data platform and an Artificial Intelligence analytics marketplace, accompanied by Big Data applications for all electricity value chain participants (fully integrated into the SYNERGY Big Data-driven EaaS Framework).

SYNERGY will be validated in5 large-scale demonstrators, engaging diverse stakeholders and data sources, heterogeneous energy assets, varying voltage levels and grid conditions, and spanning different climatic, demographic and cultural characteristics.


pioneering Big Data platform powered by energy-related data that effectively addresses the complexity of energy/electricity sector value chain interactions and makes possible the delivery of innovative Energy-as-a-Service offerings through both central and federated experimentation with Big Data analytics, service composition, data sharing, asset reuse and business value generation

existing Big Data technologies, tools and libraries with legacy systems from the energy sector and ICT-enabled assets and components to accelerate the data management and analytics cycle to power the SYNERGY platform, turning the Four Vs of Big Data into stakeholder value.

innovative, secure, privacy- and IPR-preserving multi-party data sharing and exchange framework by fostering the creation of a joint venture of data owners and analytics providers.

— To enable the provisioning of value-added services that meet the emerging needs of energy stakeholders and effectively contribute to the short, medium and long-term goals of a cleaner, more sustainable and efficient energy system characterized by the maximum integration of renewable energy sources, increased energy efficiency, improved consumer empowerment and the democratization of energy markets.

collaborative business models driven by major data exchange and analysis services, benefiting the entire value chain of relevant players in the electricity sphere.

— To provide an architecture and the implementation of a landmark data platform for the electrical data value chain, validated through a set of representative, large-scale, long-term demonstrators.

To promote the adoption of the SYNERGY solution as a next-generation Big Data platform for data exchange-based EaaS applications through the intensive dissemination and knowledge transfer of project results to stakeholders, reaching international audiences inside and outside the EU.

Cuerva's role

Cuerva will participate as a DSO and retailer, leading four of the use cases to be validated in the Synergy project.

It will contribute to the design and development of the Big Data platform in WP3 and will actively bolster the definition and development of advanced analytics services at the network level in WP5. And we will actively participate in the project’s validation activities in WP8 as a member of the Spanish demo case.

About the author

Jorge Rueda, R&D Manager at Cuerva
Jorge joined Cuerva in 2020 to lead the company's management and participation in national and international R&D projects related to the two strategic areas of the Innovation department: Smart Energy and Smart Grids. Currently, he manages the portfolio of active projects and generates new partnership opportunities for Cuerva in R&D.
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