TWINEU: Digital Twin for Europe

Data intelligence
Pablo Blázquez, R&D Specialist in Cuerva

Federated ecosystem of digital twin solutions

DatesJanuary 2024 – Junes 2027
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LeaderFraunhofer Gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung Ev
Funding entity

The TWINEU project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement No 101136119.

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TwinEU is a project that aims to create a federated ecosystem of digital twin solutions to improve the management, operation, and resilience of the European electrical system.

TwinEU will leverage a unique set of competencies from network and market operators, technology providers, and research centers to create a pan-European digital twin concept based on the federation of local twins. This will enable reliable, resilient, and secure infrastructure operation while facilitating new business models that accelerate the deployment of renewable energy sources in Europe.

The project will harness new technologies to develop an advanced digital twin concept that allows for interoperability, data and model exchange, and integration with the developing Energy Data Space. 

As previously mentioned, the project will involve the participation of 75 partners, including numerous stakeholders from the energy sector, such as system operators, market operators, industrial actors, research institutions, and associations spanning 15 European countries.

Additionally, the project will conduct large-scale demonstrations covering all levels from transmission to distribution and the market, testing coordinated data exchange between areas.


The objectives of the TwinEU project are as follows:

1. Define a common and modular architecture for the development and implementation of digital twins in the European electricity sector, ensuring interoperability, security, and data and model privacy.

2. Develop and integrate advanced modeling, simulation, optimization, and machine learning tools for the digital twin, enabling precise, dynamic, and scalable representation of the electrical system and its components. 

3. Leverage high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure for the digital twin, facilitating the processing of large volumes of data and the execution of complex and high-resolution simulations. 

4. Validate and demonstrate the added value of the digital twin for the management, operation, and resilience of the electrical system through use cases addressing different scenarios and challenges, such as renewable energy integration, flexibility management, fault prevention and recovery, and consumer participation. 

Rol of Cuerva

The Iberian pilot will focus on the security and resilience of the Iberian electrical and energy system, from energy generation, transmission, and distribution to energy markets and end consumers.

Cuerva will play a key role in developing activities for the Iberian pilot, focusing on the security and resilience of the Iberian electrical and energy system. As a Distribution System Operator (DSO), our responsibilities encompass a range of tasks in collaboration with other Iberian partners. We will contribute our expertise to define stakeholder requirements for the digital twin and act as a demonstrator, utilizing our advanced digital infrastructure to facilitate network planning and improve resilience. Our goal is to effectively address technical limitations.

About the author

Pablo Blázquez, R&D Specialist in Cuerva
Pablo Blázquez joins Cuerva at the beginning of 2022 to support the Innovation area and participate in the proposal and execution of national and international R&D projects related to Smart Grids. He is currently working on the proposal of several projects related to flexibility and the definition of the platforms and markets necessary for its deployment.
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