SMARTeeSTORY: improving the energy performance of historic buildings

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Pablo Blázquez, R&D Specialist in Cuerva

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DatesMay 2023 - April 2027
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The SMARTeeSTORY project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement number 101103956.

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SMARTeeSTORY will focus on historic non-residential buildings, promoting solutions that effectively combine energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and smart and digital technologies to support the digital transformation of the building stock towards climate neutrality.


The aim of the SMARTeeSTORY project is to reduce the EU's energy consumption and environmental emissions in historic buildings where refurbishment is not an option. 

  • Historic buildings risk being left behind in the energy transition, where retrofitting options are limited.
  • There is a need for conservation and adaptation to energy demands, maintaining its identity value, prioritising user comfort.
  • This requires overcoming interoperability issues affecting the systematic deployment of smart technologies for integrated energy management in buildings.
  • It is necessary to achieve an automated and intelligent building where the components can assimilate and respond to the needs of the users.

In this project, the feasibility of this adaptation will be studied in three demo-sites, in Granada (Spain), Delft (The Netherlands) and Riga (Latvia). The role played by Cuerva in this project is crucial, as it must be adapted, according to current energy efficiency and automation needs, in an area of a historic building from the 16th century while respecting its history and past. The selected building is the High Court of Justice of Andalusia, the former seat of the Chancery founded by the Catholic Monarchs. Due to the impossibility of carrying out actions that affect the building aesthetically, the energy modernisation is based on specific solutions, which will be designed and implemented by the different project partners.

Cuerva´s role

Cuerva is leading the Spanish demonstrator, in collaboration with the Andalusian Energy Agency and the CARTIF technology centre. Due to Cuerva's experience in design, construction, conservation and optimisation of electrical and building infrastructures, it will lead the transformation of an emblematic and historic building such as the Royal Chancery of Granada into a sustainable and efficient historic building model, coordinating the activities between the different technological partners, including sensorisation and advanced automation plans.

About the author

Pablo Blázquez, R&D Specialist in Cuerva
Pablo Blázquez joins Cuerva at the beginning of 2022 to support the Innovation area and participate in the proposal and execution of national and international R&D projects related to Smart Grids. He is currently working on the proposal of several projects related to flexibility and the definition of the platforms and markets necessary for its deployment.
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