ODEON: federated data and intelligence Orchestration & sharing for the Digital Energy transitiON

Data intelligence
Alejandro Rojano, R&D Engineer at Cuerva

Inclusive and centralized ecosystem through AI

DatesJanuary 2024 – June 2027
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Odeon’s Project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No  101136128

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The ODEON project aims to realize the Digital and Green Transition by creating an inclusive ecosystem of stakeholders focused on integrating data, intelligence, services, and market flows. This approach enables the resilient operation of the energy system amidst increased renewable energy sources (RES) integration and effective utilization of flexibility offered by distributed energy assets.

ODEON introduces a Federated Energy Data Spaces implementation to integrate energy data across the value chain, fostering secure and trustful data sharing among stakeholders. This initiative removes barriers and enables stakeholders to tackle the complexity of decentralized energy systems through collective intelligence frameworks and data-driven intelligence.

The ODEON Cloud-Edge Data and Intelligence Service Platform plays a central role in integrating stakeholders from a service and market perspective, complemented by innovative data-driven energy services and applications. These initiatives contribute to improving grid monitoring, promoting decentralized grid management strategies, fostering cooperation among prosumers, empowering consumers, and incentivizing investments in renewable generation and flexible assets.

Ultimately, ODEON aims to accelerate the decarbonization of the energy system while enhancing the role of prosumers and Local Energy Communities (LECs) in energy activities and markets.

The ODEON Cloud-Edge Data and Intelligence Service Platform is built on robust principles of flexibility, controllability, usability, openness, inclusiveness, compliance, and adaptability. It enables successful verification across diverse demonstrators and prepares for replication and market uptake. This platform integrates expertise in data management, interoperability, security, sharing, orchestration, analytics, and flexibility services to deliver a comprehensive framework for energy service innovation.

Extensive validation will occur in 5 large-scale demonstration sites in  in Greece, Spain, France, Denmark, involving all relevant stakeholders and assets, to ensure effectiveness in different contexts.


  1. Develop a user-friendly technological framework for managing data and intelligence to support innovative energy services and enhance grid resilience.
  2. Facilitate seamless data exchange and integration across the energy value chain and related sectors to ensure efficient information flow.
  3. Foster collaboration among energy stakeholders to establish a decentralized environment for flexible grid management.
  4. Create data-driven solutions to meet energy transition goals and empower consumers with informed choices.
  5. Validate proposed concepts and solutions through real-world demonstrations to showcase their value to stakeholders.
  6. Lay the groundwork for widespread adoption of ODEON solutions in the market.
  7. Promote ODEON as a leading enabler of the Green and Digital Transition by disseminating project outcomes and transferring knowledge.

Cuerva´s role

At Odeon, Cuerva is leading the Spanish demonstrator, validating the solutions developed in the project by contributing its knowledge of electricity markets, flexibility, use of data extracted from the grid, digitalization, among others.

This includes aspects such as planning and operational optimization of the grid, where real-time monitoring will be carried out using edge computing technologies, predictive maintenance and an intelligent electric vehicle charging management platform. A short-term flexibility tool for DSO will also be developed, along with applications to encourage the participation of grid operators, local energy communities and prosumers, all in the town of Fornes.

About the author

Alejandro Rojano, R&D Engineer at Cuerva
Alejandro is a professional with a background in Physics who holds the position of R&D Engineer in the Innovation department. In addition to his role as an engineer managing projects, he is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of La Laguna in Tenerife. His research focuses on the design of the charging network infrastructure for future electric vehicles, with the aim of developing a methodology that can be applied in a way that can be extrapolated to different geographical locations.
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