Enpower: Energy Activated Citizens and Data-Driven Energy-Secure Communities for a Consumer-Centric Energy System

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Alejandro Rojano, Ingeniero de I+D en Cuerva

Enpower: A consumer-centred energy system

DatesSeptember 2023 - August 2026
Project websiteAvailable soon
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Enpower’s Project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101096354

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The Enpower project focuses on promoting consumer activation and community aggregation in energy communities, moving towards increased energy efficiency and local supply security. A framework with three dimensions will be designed, expanded, and validated through six demonstrators, including one in Cuerva: 

  • Social Layer: SSH-based methodologies will be employed to encourage the participation of energy communities.
  • Technological Layer: Infrastructure to support data-driven consumer activation and interoperable automation for privacy and sovereignty of demand response.
  • Commercial Layer: Design and validation of new roles in the market, as well as hybrid public/private business models and collaborative economy models among cross-value chain/energy careers.


  • New methodologies to facilitate citizen activation and participation in energy communities.
  • AI models for consumer grouping and segmentation.
  • Decision support tool for creating local community scenarios and business-to-business energy community planning.
  • Adaptation of the Energy Data Space to enable increased consumer activation and promote energy communities.
  • Data management preserving privacy and federated learning to increase consumer participation.
  • Tokenized peer-to-peer markets for energy communities.
  • Digital twins for consumer-aware flexibility planning.
  • Shared cross-value economy and community-driven data-centric organizational and business models.

Cuerva´s role

Cuerva will assume the role of demonstrator and developer of Energy Communities along with Vergy. In this case, it will focus on the town of Fornes, part of the Cuerva Living Lab, which means the network is fully digitized with real-time data. Cuerva will collaborate with the municipality to work with the developing Green Community there. As a Distribution System Operator (DSO), Cuerva plays a crucial role in managing flexibility resources in the energy transition, including batteries, electric vehicle charging stations, and residential prosumers. The goal is to coordinate all these flexibility resources within the local distribution network and provide the DSO with the necessary tools to monitor their implementation.

About the author

Alejandro Rojano, Ingeniero de I+D en Cuerva
Alejandro es un profesional con formación en Física que desempeña el cargo de Ingeniero de I+D en el departamento de Innovación. Además de su rol como ingeniero gestionando proyectos, se encuentra inmerso en la consecución de un doctorado en la Universidad de La Laguna en Tenerife. Su investigación se centra en el diseño de la infraestructura de la red de recarga para vehículos eléctricos futuros, con el objetivo de desarrollar una metodología que pueda ser aplicada de manera extrapolable a diversas ubicaciones geográficas.
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