eFORT: Transforming Europe's electricity grids

Jorge Rueda, R&D Manager at Cuerva

eFORT seeks to transform current European electricity networks into a more resilient, reliable and secure system throughout its value chain.

DatesSeptember 2022 - August 2026
Project websitehttps://efort-project.eu/
Financing entity

El proyecto eFORT project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement no.nº101075665

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Electricity and energy systems are undergoing unprecedented changes. As the climate and societies change, electricity systems must be ready to withstand new challenges.

eFORT project analyzes the vulnerabilities and threats faced by current electrical power and energy systems (EPES) by looking for a safe development of procedures, strategies and designs. This rapprochement will allow greater digitalization and decentralization of the energy network, without affecting the security of supply. It will increase reliability and resilience against extreme weather events, man-made hazards and equipment failures.

eFORT addresses this complex challenge by bringing together a competitive consortium of 24 partners, from 10 EU countries, providing the necessary expertise to collaboratively develop and implement the required innovations. This includes a transmission network (the Netherlands), a remote distribution grid in a mountainous valley with adverse climatology (Sarentino valley, Italy), a digital substation (Ukraine) and a peri-urban DSO micro-grid (Spain).


The main goal of eFORT is to make European power grids more resilient and reliable against failures, cyber-attacks, physical disturbances, and data privacy issues.

To this end, a set of technological innovations will be developed for the detection, prevention and mitigation of risks and vulnerabilities with positive impacts on the operation and stability of the system. The eFORT solutions will be demonstrated at TSO, DSO, substation and consumption levels in 4 real demonstration networks that have been selected considering their complementarities and relevance to face the main threats of current European electrical systems.

The eFORT solutions will offer high replicability potential and benefit many aspects of the society and economy.

Cuerva's role

In this project, Cuerva leads the Spanish demo site, providing information from its Living Lab and all the distributed resources in the area. It will also provide data from critical network infrastructure, such as the substation, to deal with threats and cyberattacks.

About the author

Jorge Rueda, R&D Manager at Cuerva
Jorge joined Cuerva in 2020 to lead the company's management and participation in national and international R&D projects related to the two strategic areas of the Innovation department: Smart Energy and Smart Grids. Currently, he manages the portfolio of active projects and generates new partnership opportunities for Cuerva in R&D.
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