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Press Release April 16, 2024

The aim is to boost the technological development around IFMIF-DONES and other Scientific Facilities, focusing on networking and exchange of knowledge. 

Granada. 03/04/2024. The city of Granada gets ready to welcome the second edition of the I+DONES Forum from 10 to 11 April. A landmark event that aims to promote and make visible the Research and Development (R+D) activities linked to the IFMIF-DONES initiative and foster collaboration between different agents in the field.  

With the sponsorship of significant entities, among which Cuerva is included, the referent company in the electric and energetic panorama in Granada, this forum intends to be the meeting point for professionals, companies and both public and private entities from the I+D+i Spanish system.

This initiative centres around the creation of synergies and the discussion of the main technological challenges and strategic opportunities for the Spanish Science Industry companies, with special attention to the construction, activity and maintenance of IFMIF-DONES and other Large Scientific Facilities.

During these two days, the I+DONES Forum will allow the assisting organizations to familiarize with the challenges and opportunities in the innovation field related to IFMIF-DONES. The Forum will be attended by project technical managers, who will share their vision on present and future technological challenges, on top of presenting opportunities and grants for innovation and regional development.

This event stands as an ideal occasion for strengthening and streamlining the I+D+i ecosystem in Spain, focusing in the relevance of large scientific facilities as engines of technological and economic development.

A key asset that reinforces the compromise for innovation and progress in Cuerva

Being sponsors of the I+DONES Forum implies a completely consequent association from the energy company, with a vision to go beyond what we know today as a traditional business model in the electric and energy sector. “Taking part in I+DONES – whose main objective is promoting and making visible the Research and Development activities linked to the IFMIF-DONES initiative – is an essential association due to our link through the Spanish research and development project, Neuron Dones”, words by Jorge Rueda, R+D Manager from the referent company in national and international innovation in terms of energy.

Through the Spanish research and development project Neuron Dones, the companycarries out research on large scientific facilities dedicated to IFMIF-DONES,carries out research on large scientific facilities dedicated to IFMIF-DONES, based on four vectors: sustainability, security, intelligent management of the operation and optimization of the data flow.  

Cuerva is working in the integration of a large scientific facility (GIC, i.e. Gran Instalación Energética, in Spanish), such as IFMIF-DONES and its impact in a micro system, as well as the development of an Energy Management System (EMS) in a micro system.

What makes this project even more exciting nowadays is the approach to create Digital Twins of the system. These digital twins will be key in advancing the study of sustainability of the conjoined system. Additionally, the company is working in the development of operation algorithms based in Artificial Intelligence models. These intelligent algorithms will be central to manage efficiently and optimally the different energetic actives that constitute our micro system.

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