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Press Release October 10, 2022

More than 200 guests attended the presentation of the new identity of the Escúzar Park, which from now on will be called CITAI (Ciudad Industrial Tecnológica y Área de Innovación).

The Metropolitan Park Award, which took place on 6 October, promotes the projection of the Metropolitan Park as “The City”, the perfect place to house the companies of the Industrial, Technological and Innovation area, and where they come together to continue creating growth opportunities in a privileged geographical location.

This first edition of the Metropolitan Park Award was created with the aim of granting recognition, the recipient of which was revealed during the celebration of the event, in gratitude for his vision of progress, which helps the development of the park, as well as the industrial and technological society of Granada. 

The winner, from the first minute that the businessmen approached him, was the mayor of Escúzar, Antonio Arrabal. He saw that the future of Granada was linked to the accelerator and the Park and did not hesitate to put on the table the plot of one hundred thousand square metres of land that was required for the project to have possibilities.

This event aims to become an annual reference in the province of Granada. This is not only due to its initiative and what it recognises with the award, but also to the presence and engagement of the most innovative companies, as well as the most prominent national and international corporations.

For Parque Metropolitano it is an honour to have Cuerva as a gold sponsor, as this alliance promises to be an unprecedented projection and an impulse towards intelligent growth.

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