The Energy 4.0 project enhances electrical grid management by digitalisation

Escúzar de Cuerva substation
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Written April 13, 2023

Energy 4.0 is a consortium composed of the onTech Innovation cluster and the companies Cuerva, Safran - Navigation & Timing, Plain Concepts and Soincon.

The project represents a major boost to digitalisation of electrical grids (smart grids) by replacing analog technologies with programmable digital devices and software tools aligned with Industry 4.0.

Granada, 13/04/2023. The Energy 4.0 initiative is funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and represents a significant advance in the digitalisation of electrical grids, one of the most important trends in the energy sector today. Real-time data collection, monitoring and analysis in electrical grids bring enhanced efficiency and safety in the transmission and distribution of electrical energy.

The consortium formed byCuerva, Safran – Navigation & Timing, Plain Concepts and Soincon, coordinated by the onTech Innovation cluster, has been working on development of real-time monitoring capabilities for electrical grids in line with the latest advances in Industry 4.0. The goal is to replace analog power technologies with programmable digital devices and software tools aligned with the Industry 4.0. model.

It is an integrated solution that solves many of the problems that currently dog electrical grids. The lack of accurate synchronisation when taking measurements in electrical grids with distributed sensors, together with the vulnerability of GNSS signals used as a reference, hinders proper control and operation decision-making.

The Energy 4.0 project enhances the accuracy and reliability of temporal synchronisation technologies for smart grids by using the robust global navigation satellite system (GNSS) for time distribution, a solution that reduces the impact of natural or third-party interference on electrical infrastructures. It incorporates real-time monitoring capabilities, predictive algorithms and secure time transfer methods on Ethernet networks.

Cuerva has contributed part of its electrical infrastructure – namely, part of its distribution network in the towns of Escolar and Láchar (Granada) – as a distributor for the Energy 4.0 project. In recent years Cuerva has deployed a large number of measuring devices (SmartMeters) that have created a robust, highly-digitalised network in these locations. Thanks to Energy 4.0, Cuerva will be able to enhance the security of its network in critical areas and, due to the development of new monitoring capability in the project, improve network maintenance and operation methods for our workers.

Safran Navigation and Timing is a leader in the development of predictive detection algorithms and anomalies for GNSS signal sources using the latest GNSS simulation technologies and distribution of temporal synchronisation solutions through the network with the presence of backup sources and the ability to switch between them.

Energy 4.0 is an initiative funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism to aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of Spanish industry within the framework of the programme to support Innovative Business Clusters (IBCs) with the aid of the European Union through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

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